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Why Get a Survey?

Considering the purchase of a boat is a large financial investment for most families, having a pre-purchase survey completed is critical to ensure the vessel is sound, safe, and structurally sufficient for the type of boating you plan to do.  Having a trained "eye" give a thorough analysis of your new boat can save you money in the long run through identification of problem areas or issues not meeting the requirements of federal regulations or the recommendation of other organizations such as the American Boat and Yacht Council. In addition, the "Fair Market Value" is also assessed and provided.

What is looked at/inspected during the survey?

A pre-purchase survey involves a detailed look at all accessible major systems to include a visual inspection of the engine(s). Considering the engine is the single most expensive system on the boat, I strongly recommend hiring a knowledgeable marine mechanic to perform an engine survey.

How is the survey accomplished?

The first part of a full survey entails a detailed look at all the systems on board -- A/C, electrical, generator, steering, etc.  Second, the boat is hauled and a thorough examination of the wetted surfaces and machinery is accomplished. This normally includes percussion sounding of bottom and topsides, and a detailed look at the shafts, props, rudders, outdrives, trim tabs, etc. The boat is then put back in the water and a detailed "sea trial/shakedown cruise" is conducted. After which, a report with all findings and recommendations will be produced. Be advised, as every situation and circumstance is different, this schedule or agenda of how the survey is accomplished can be changed or modified to fit the particular needs of the customer. Small or large, a meticulous and detailed survey will be accomplished.  I prefer to take my time to ensure you get a quality product!

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